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Coming soon, our new campus:

cdv orlando

We are happy to announce that we will open a new bilingual campus in Orlando, Florida.

The same house with one more room.

Join us


We would love for you to find a place in the house where you can use the gifts and talents that God has given you and be part of the team that makes things happen.

If you want to join a team, please leave your details here.

Small groups

We weren’t designed to do live alone. Small groups are the best way to find friends, connect as a family, and grow as individuals based on common interests.

You can join a small group here.

Watch Parties

Every Sunday night, we take time to connect and enjoy cdv nights together. If you want to be part, register here
Existen dos formas de vivir nuestro matrimonio: sobreviviendo o disfrutando. No te conformes con pasar los días al lado de tu pareja sin disfrutar de la relación, creyendo que es un fracaso o que ya no hay solución.

We believe that the church is the house of God, a door to heaven, a group of people discovering the grace of Jesus together. A place where lives are transformed and generations are blessed.

— Ps. Robert Barriger

Join us!

If you are interested in cdv Orlando or if you have family and friends that are looking for a church they could call home, fill out this form and/or share it.

Contact info

I am Robert Barriger, a missionary in Peru. Along with my wife, we have had the privilege of serving this country for over 40 years. I remember the first time we visited Peru in 1978. Karyn and I made a promise: ‘God, if you send us to this country, we will give our lives to spreading the gospel here.’ That was one of the best decisions we ever made. Since then, we have had the privilege of helping hundreds of churches in Peru and planting a church called Caminodevida, where we still serve as the founding pastors.

Our church in Peru has grown into an amazing family, where thousands come together each weekend not only to worship God but also to grow together in life and witness families flourishing. We eagerly anticipate what God is going to do: extending our family from Peru back to the United States and witnessing a new family grow in Orlando.

Robert & Karyn Barriger

Founding Pastors

Robert & Karyn Barriger

Founding Pastors

Pedro & Jenna Infantas ​

Orlando Campus Pastors 

We are excited to introduce you to Pedro and Jenna Infantas, our new campus pastors in Orlando. They started ministering together as youth pastors, after that Pedro took over the administrative side of the church and he’s been part of the pastors board of directors at Caminodevida.

Jenna is the worship pastor at cdv and she leads Casa Gracia and Refugio Gracia, both are Bible based programs aimed to help women with eating disorders, and men dealing with addictions. Pedro and Jenna love this house and have invested their lives into helping people thrive through the church.

“As a family, we feel called to this city and start an extension of caminodevida. We are excited to be able to meet you and to serve you whether you are new at CDV, or you are seeking for a church to belong to, or you are trying to start over. You are welcome to be part of this great family at Caminodevida.”

Pedro & Jenna Infantas ​

Orlando Campus Pastors 

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