With your help, caminodevida is connecting resources with the people who need them. Then, as people’s physical needs begin to be met, their hearts become open to the beautiful message of God’s love and grace.

This Christmas we hope to reach more than 10 million children
with gift packs to help them have a beautiful Christmas with their family
and you can be part of this by helping us.

How can I be part of?

Buy an extra gift

Many people are already buying gifts for Christmas, so go ahead and buy an extra one and drop it in our Surco branch (Buen Retiro 100, monterrico) from Monday to Friday from 9 AM. to 4 PM. respecting all security protocols.

Give one or more gift packs

The pack that we are going to deliver will include: a toy, a panettone and a Christmas card. If you are not able
to do so, you can also give the equivalent of 1 (S/.20 ) or more packs by clicking the next bottom.


We are honored to host your first virtual mission’s trip to Peru! We have all the information and specific details of each trip. 

COVID - 19

In the midst of this pandemic we continue doing everything that is possible to serve those who need it the most. In conjunction with the authorities, and through the generosity of many people, we use every resource we have (within our reach) to do the following activities weekly:

Aid Line:

We provide orientation in terms of health , legal issues and counseling with the help of psychologists, doctors and lawyers from our church. ¡Send a message to our instagram account @servolucioncdv to help address your concerns!

Provision Hand-out:

Thanks to the generosity of our church and many others we are able to hand out bags with basic food supplies daily. If you would like to help us with donations, contact @servolucioncdv or @caminodevida

Deliveries of donations along with state institutions:

Thanks to the help of our National Police of Peru and municipalities of Lima, La Victoria and Surco we can deliver food donations in different districts and unincorporated settlements weekly.

Delivery of food to private institutions

due to the current situation of these institutions that shelter people in extreme poverty, we are starting to distribute bags of rice and legumes to help them.

Kids Club in La Victoria and Villa Maria del Triunfo:

In this season of COVID-19 we are helping families in VMT by taking water to more than 150 families, and in La Victoria we continue providing lunch twice a week to every child who is part of our Club. Our desire is to continue this support.

Take my hand, provision of food:

We care for people who were living in the streets of La Victoria and who were taken to a shelter that the Municipality of Lima created for them. Not everyone was able to access this benefit, so some were taken to a house where part of our team is in charge of taking them food in this season of emergency.

Campaign in answer to the cold season:

As part of our actions to help fight off the cold that thousands of Peruvians are exposed to in Lima and cities in the high Andes like Puno, every year we make ponchos, blankets, and scarves thanks to the help of our female volunteers. These are distributed together with our partners of the municipalities, the Peruvian Air Force, and the Joint Command.
Our campaign in answer to the cold season goes from June to the end of August.

Program to donate wheelchairs:

Thanks to our international partner, The Free Wheelchair Mission, the help of private enterprises as Telefonica Foundation, and the constant support of the church, thousands of Peruvians in extreme poverty have been able to receive the miracle of mobility.