From the beginning of 2022, we have been able to help 3875 people through different activities. For more information, send us a message through Instagram or Facebook at @servolucioncdv

How can I be a part of this?

Giving the cost of the christmas pack.

A Christmas pack includes: trademark red bag, one toy, one small panetón, one chocolate milk box, one love and hope message from volunteers and donors, and shipping cost.

Giving new toys, chocolate milk boxes and small panetones.

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COVID - 19

In the midst of this pandemic we continue doing everything that is possible to serve those who need it the most. In conjunction with the authorities, and through the generosity of many people, we use every resource we have (within our reach) to do the following activities weekly:

Help Line:

We provide professional advice in the areas of general medicine, psychology and legal. Also, we receive prayer requests and provide online counseling.

Covid Assistance:

As a result of the state of emergency, we have taken actions in conjunction with the State by delivering food bags, snack packs and necessities that arise in the middle of the quarantine.

Articulated work:

A joint work with different types of institutions with the aim of reaching more vulnerable families.

Articulated work

A joint work with different types of institutions with the aim of reaching more vulnerable families.

Children's Club:

In our Kids Club we carry out various tasks such as virtual tutorials, delivery of lunches and food packs for their families.

Take my hand, provision of food:

We care for people who were living in the streets of La Victoria and who were taken to a shelter that the Municipality of Lima created for them. Not everyone was able to access this benefit, so some were taken to a house where part of our team is in charge of taking them food in this season of emergency.

Campaign in answer to the cold weather:

We deliver aid, in conjunction with other institutions, for the high Andean areas of Peru and cold areas of Lima. 


We work together with the Free Wheel Chair Mission to bring back the miracle of mobility one person at a time.

Adopt a grandparent:

We make calls to grandparents to listen to them and thus accompany them in this season. 

School tutorials:

Through volunteer tutors we provide virtual academic reinforcement to children in vulnerable situations.

Community co-op kitchen:

We provide first need products to Common pots so that they can help other people.